Bob Rickert Bio

Bob Rickert has been a photographer since childhood.  He has created images throughout the world and has won numerous awards.  He has sold images to both individuals and corporations for their collections.  Bob's work has been on display most recently at the the Shook Theatre at St Charles Community CollegeHis work has also been displayed at Art St Louis, The St Louis Artist Guild, The St Louis County Library, The Old Orchard Gallery, The Gateway Gallery, Chesterfield Arts, Barnes Hospital, Des Peres Hospital, The Vino Gallery among others locations. 

Artist Statement
The convergence of photography and digital imaging has created opportunities for images which no one really considered possible several years ago.  It has also created more photographers than ever before.  What separates photographers with various ability levels and training is their ability to see the various dimensions of the subjects.  Being able to use a camera is not enough, one has to be able to see things differently in a way that viewers of images will find interesting or at least thought provoking.  Hopefully, the way I see things differentiates my work from others and provides the viewer with a new and interesting perspective of everyday images.

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